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Why They Love The People's Remedy

" I was and still am aware that purchasing that mentorship subscription would be the piece of information that would be that catalyst that enables my generational narrative to change. Thank you for sharing your magic!! I have so much gratitude for the manner in which the site is set up, the professionalism, realness and depth of knowledge. I am honored to be edified by @thepeoplesremedyinc. Brotha Isaiah Bey is the TRUTH!!!! I appreciate how the information is broken down and explained. I am new on this journey but every video I listen to I learn something and get some good laughs in as well. I have been in near tears with some videos, knowledge and edification is top tier. I give you all the highest honors @thepeoplesremedyinc. One of my favorite moments thus far was before I actually purchased a membership and I was studying the page.... posted Feb04, 2022 Brotha Isaiah said, " what you need ?? because when I POP this briefcase open...what you need DBA? POA? I got it all!!"  I took six pages of notes on that one live recording!! 43 minutes of pure fire!!

I feel the conviction in the videos when he honors those on this path! THANK YOU @peoplesremedyinc Brotha Isaiah and Sister Aundrea GRAND GRATITUDE. I am new here but I have the deepest gratitude and respect for the movement that is The People's Remedy Inc."

Peace and Blessings

~ Tiffany Bey ~

“The reason why I like The Peoples Remedy is because bro Isaiah is very knowledgeable about what he teaches.  It’s mind blowing how much information that I don’t know but I’m willing to learn.  I’m so thankful that he doesn’t tell you what to do without us doing the work."

~Aaron Weaver~

"I like Peoples Remedy because Brother Isaiah breaks down the info in terms we can understand and digest. It’s also a community not just buy my courses/services and that’s it."

~Iyenda Williams~

"Why I love the people’s remedy.
I love the people’s remedy because the Brother and Sister provide quality information that’s changing the lives. I have personally used and recently just did a rescission on a child support letter sent to the principle dwelling and a traffic citation I got from a traffic stop. I mailed and sent both off via registered mail return receipts. The only thing that I got back from the courts was the green return receipt card back from the registered mail. None of my documents or their paperwork I sent to them were returned so I know the power in the information and quality the brother Isaiah and and sister Andrea giving. That’s why I love and will continue to stay with the people’s remedy!"

~ Pimpfunta Story ~

"Peace and Love, In this day and age as I grow I notice a lot of the miss information that my people has been feed. God bless our ancestors, they’ve fought a good fight but I feel that they didn’t know half of what’s going on and as a result the following generations to this day are unaware of how our oppressors keeps us powerless and perpetuate the centuries long hamster wheel that we don’t know how to get off so the reason I love The People's Remedy is because as a people and with the enlightenment provided by Brother Isaiah our people have a fight chance in this race called life. ”

~ Asha Don ~

 I LOVE The People's Remedy for accepting the obligation of disseminating the "Truth" to the masses with genuine care are passion. I AM honored to align with like-minded warriors who are "in this for the long haul", and are not "lukewarm" in the effort to bring forth this "Truth" to ensure due process and equality for all who show themselves approved.

I will continue to diligently work toward the day when House of Hilliard (HOH) International and The People's Remedy serves as Board of Directors of a curriculum created to spread the word to the youth to create competent Trustees.


Thank you for all that you do...#Salute!!!

~ Ivory ~

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