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The truth is always stored within every man and every women and can only be discovered by one knowing and understanding ones self.

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Let’s Talk About It

Unpopular Opinion: “If more black males were emotionally intelligent, more black women would be submissive and fall in line.” Emotional Intelligence definition: the capacity to be aware of, control, a


The author of confusion is the lack of knowledge. When a person doesn't know enough of something anyone speaking good can entice you to spend your money and cause you to get scammed. It's nothing wron


“If we chewed your food for you, who would swollow it.”

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Membre inconnu
27 janv. 2021

Peace Brother. Just wanted to show gratitude to you for your assistance with understanding the transfer of right. I truly have received the transfer of energy. Please keep me informed on the class scheduled. I would like to learn more and execute remedy. Gratitude again. Peace and love. I use my email address

Isaiah Bey
Isaiah Bey
02 févr. 2022
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